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Rick D'Elia

Rick D’Elia is a 20-year veteran of stand-up comedy with appearances on Comedy Central, Showtime and The Tonight Show w/Jay Leno. He is the author and editor of Bathroom Bits, the ultimate collection of the world’s greatest street jokes!


One of the most original and entertaining acts in the country today offers the most absurd observations made all the funnier by his likeable personality and unique delivery.LaVantor takes his audience on a journey into his shell shocked world by recreating his teenage life experiences from being the son of a Southern Baptist minister to dating women whose best friend is their dog.

His energy and personality fill the room as he propels the audience into a time warp of comedy. His style is so unforgettable that audiences frequently request to have him return. Do yourself a favor and catch his act soon. Better yet, give your customers something to rave about, give'em LaVantor.

Matt Golightly

One of the most successful club comics of the past 10 years, Matt Golightly’s act has been described as “incredibly quick-witted” with a stage presence that is “second to none.”

An impressive showing in The Funniest Person in Texas Contest and The San Francisco Comedy
Festival spring boarded Matt to appearances on The Bob & Tom Radio Show, The Late Shift, and
Fox Television.

He is well known in the industry as one of the most consistently funny performers on the club
circuit with talents that have taken him, not just coast-to-coast, but world-wide to entertain our
troops overseas in Korea, Japan and around the globe. His quick wit, relatable material, and very
likeable stage presence has garnered him many fans in the comedy world, along with broad
appeal among a wide demographic. He is continually amazed at the range of people - from all
walks of life - who have stopped to tell him how much they enjoyed his show.

Never angry or bitter, Matt’s views on dating and popular culture are just goodhearted and fun.
Come see this self-proclaimed square; everybody’s next door neighbor; who just happens to be
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