Mark "KidWok" Britten

TicketsComicJune 26, 2022

A nationally touring stand-up comedian since 1990, Mark “KidWok” Britten uses his mastery of voice mimicry to extract laughter from any audience! He’s a dopamine dealer and all the voices in his head are helping him sling it! The Austin Chronicle said, “He’s a rockstar trapped in a comic’s body, and watching him try to get out will make your little belly hurt from laughter!” KidWok was formerly known as “Chinaman” (1999-2017) thru his numerous appearances on the nationally syndicated radio show “Bob and Tom”. In 2009, Mark also had a One Man Show at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas with heavy metal drummer Icon Vinnie Paul Abbott (Pantera). In 1999, Mark “KidWok” Britten was cast as 7 characters in the original English dubs of DragonBall Z (1999-2002). He created the voices of Burter, Korin, Grand Kai, Ox-King, Moori, Alien Announcer, and Rings for the series. If you watched the series on Toonami, the Cartoon Network, or during the VHS era, chances are you grew up hearing Mark’s voice over work as a soundtrack in your childhood! He was one of the original USA English dub actors in the show. With another digital release due out Summer 2022, Mark can be seen live touring U.S. comic conventions (ComicCons) and comedy clubs with his “KameHame HAHA” tour. For dates check his webs view more..

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