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Spencer James

Spencer James

Spencer James was the Winner of the prestigious “World Series of Comedy” in Las Vegas, NV in 2014. Since winning, he has now become a regular on the Las Vegas Strip, performing at the iconic Tropicana, Stratosphere, and even the legendary MGM Grand.

Spencer James is a delight to all audiences young and old. As he speaks, sings, and even dances his way on stage, he uses his unique blend of story-telling to express his personal life experiences, of which many abound.

While touring as a standup comedian for the past 10 years, Spencer always gives a nod to the old vaudeville acts that came before him. As “this generation’s version of Dean Martin,” he dives into his childhood with tales such as his military father not speaking to him until he was 12 years old; “What have I always told you?!” ‘I didn’t know you could talk to be perfectly honest.’ Then there also was that time his mother advised him, “Don’t take candy from strangers.” ‘I’m a fat kid, I’m looking for a stranger every day now.’

Spencer has performed all over North America, he has won festivals, and he was recently featured on Fox’s television show “Laughs.” Yet now, with the title as a Las Vegas headliner, he brings all of his talents to the stage for a once in a generation experience.

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