Wichita's Funniest Person Contest 2022 

The Loony Bin Comedy Club has sponsored a yearly search for Wichita’s funniest person since 2002. It is a tough thing to make funny people compete. There are a lot of factors to having a great show. And to be truly funny is to be unique, and that uniqueness is hard to judge. Let’s try it right now. Who is funnier: George Carlin, Jerry Seinfeld or Triumph the Insult Comic Dog? Go ahead, take your time…



See what we mean? It’s a tough thing to do. And yes we believe Triumph the Insult Comic Dog is a person.

A few traditions have developed over the years. The final contest is always held on the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving. It is open to anyone who fancies themselves a person that makes other people laugh, whether that person is a magician, a clown (Circus, birthday or haunted house clowns only. Sorry, sad clowns, you are not invited. Firm rule.), a comedian, an actor or just a gifted speaker. The previous year’s winner is always invited back to host the finals the following year. The most important tradition is probably that it is a whole lot of fun for everyone. The energy is palpable, almost electric in a way.

This year we have tightened things up. Instead of spreading the contest over 3 or more months; we are doing it every Wednesday for 8 straight weeks beginning the first Wednesday of October. The first 6 weeks are qualifying rounds. The first 15 performers who are in line to sign up at 7:00pm on those first six Wednesday nights will perform a 5-minute or less set. At the end of the show 3 semi-finalists will be chosen by audience applause to advance to the next round.

The 7th Wednesday will be the semi-finals. All of the performers who advanced during the previous 6 weeks will compete for 1 of 12 spots in the finals the following week. At the end of the show 8 finalists will be chosen by a panel of three judges. After which, 4 of the remaining contestants will be picked by audience applause to advance to the finals as wild cards.

The 8th and final Wednesday of the contest (the night before Thamksgiving) is the big Finale. If all has gone according to plan, we will be left with 12 of the funniest people from the Wichita area competing for the crown. There isn’t actually a crown. We are not Burger King. Anyhow, 1 winner will be chosen by a celebrity judging panel and will be given a cash prize, a booking at the club, a photo shoot provided by Kacy Meinecke Photography and a "Wichita's Funniest Person 2021" championship bracelet provided by our friends at Jewelry Savers and maybe more. Prizes subject to change.


Past Winners

2022 - Eric Von Reicher 

2021 - Derek Aalders 

2020 - Dan the Man

2019 - Aaron Scott Hahn & Dave Grebenik (Tie)

2018 - Meghan Welch

2017 - Aaron Naylor

2016 - Big Poppa E

2015 - Jan Hoop

2014 - Eli Graves

2012 - Jarrod Teide

2011 - Gabe Perry

2010 - Daniel Pewewardy

2009 - Lamont James & Deonde Crawford (Tie)

2007 - Alex Schneider

2006 - Yannic Dozier

2004 - Brett Riley

2002 - Mr. Biggs

Editor's Note: This list may be incorrect and incomplete.