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McComas and Latham

The Guns Blazin' podcast hosts are coming to town with the American Cornhole League! Kick the weekend off with Comedians Todd McComas and 20 Dollar Chef, Shaun Latham.

The boys have launched their new podcast and are now basically Cornhole pros without also the skills.

Join us for the kick off of the the Wichita ACL Cornhole Mania Kick Off!

Todd McComas

Todd is a former Marine and retired police detective who now makes his living as a standup comedian and podcaster. Todd was formerly the host of Heartland Radio with Barstool Sports, Heartland Radio 2.0 for Pat McAfee and a cast member of The Pat McAfee Show. He's now the host of the popular true crime podcast 10-41 with Todd McComas, the society & culture podcast 4 Life Podcast, and the comedy podcast FUNTOWN.

Todd's comedy album Cop Stories is available on Apple Music and Amazon Music, he directed and starred in the documentary Defending The Kingdom and he can be heard regularly on The Bob & Tom Show and Raw Dog Comedy on Sirius XM.

Shaun Latham

Shaun Latham has been described as witty and goofy with the ability to think fast on his feet – making him unpredictably funny. With his high energy and strong stage presence, Shaun is on the rise in the comedy world, one stage at a time.

As a child, Shaun moved around a lot, "Being the class clown growing up made it easier for me adapt to my new environments." At 22, Shaun found himself in Tempe, Arizona where he was hired as a waiter at the Improv. He spent his evenings enviously watching amateur comics take the stage. In 2002, Shaun took the stage himself and hasn’t looked back since.

In 2004, after a couple years on the comedy circuit in Arizona he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams. Shaun made TV appearances on both MTV3 and Si TV in 2007. Two years later he co-starred in the feature film, I’m Not Like That No More along side Paul Rodriguez and Felipe Esparza.

Shaun has appeared on Gabriel Iglesias’ new Comedy Central show, Stand-Up Revolution.

Shaun is also the host of the very successful weekly Barstool Sports show, 20 Dollar Chef as he brings fans into his home to show them how to cook on a budget while interviewing today’s top personalities from authors to boxers. The web show receives close to 1 million views a month with sponsorships from brands like Frank’s Red Hot and Admiral Nelson’s Rum. No ingredients are off the table when it comes to cooking on a budget.
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