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The Mood Killers

The Mood Killers

In comedy, to be a killer, one must leave nothing on the stage. It is a good thing to kill. It means people are leaving in pain and killing is the only goal of these 5 comedians. So come out and get tickled to death by these mood killers.

Neil Rubenstein

Neil Rubenstein is a burly, tattooed guy who plays against type; kind, cerebral, but still casually mentions past illegal activities (running a poker room, owning a brothel, etc.) the way one might reference a Renaissance Lit course you took in college.

Mr. Biggs

Mr. Biggs has been described as "...savagely self-deprecating..." by The Wichita Eagle and although he has come to accept this moniker he remains under the impression that he merely makes light of himself to accentuate the positive attitude he displays in his humor. You might come to find that he is abrupt or brutally honest. Whether these are bad traits or good traits, it all works in a circle to define the comedy that is born within Mr. Biggs.

Meghan Welch

Meghan Welch is a truly one-of-a-kind comedian. She's a tattooed rebel raising a kid in a crazy world and she has plenty of stories and anecdotes from along the way. Meghan has dazzled crowds at comedy clubs and independent venues all around the country. With her playfully dark and silly sense of humor which she uses to hilariously observe everything from social norms, to parenting, to her dog and best friend, Gary!

Travis Cagle

Travis Cagle has been doing standup comedy for about 10 years. Mainly touring around the Midwest, his style of comedy has ben described as "The personality of Matthew McCoughey in the body of Dakota Fanning" is how many describe Travis Cagle. Travis is a lovable goof who enjoys making people laugh without making someone (else) the butt of a joke. He was recently named the best undiscovered comedian in Kansas by thrillist.com.

Uncle Bam

A up and coming comic who's personal war on skinny jeans "On Men" is going nation wide.
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